Pregnancy and Birth with Cerebral Palsy


Victoria’s Story – Pregnancy and Birth

Hi! Thanks for allowing me to post her story on your new website.

I had a great pregnancy with her no complications. My daughter was born on December 1, 1999 in Dallas, Texas at Baylor Medical Center at about 12:30.

I had to have a c-section with her and Joshua (that’s her big brother) because of my babies not dropping into the birth canal. Her first day went ok she wasn’t taking to the bottle to well, but that was normal according to the doctor.

Give them time and they would catch on. Well, the next day she was doing better with her sucking not a very strong suck. Around 7:00pm I had just finished feeding her lifting her up to burp, and she turned purple on me within a second. She went from pink baby to a sick baby in an instant.

My husband, Grant worked at the hospital where she was born and he knew the nurse that was taking care of me and happened to be across the hallway. He ran out there to get her to tell her what happened. She took her to the baby nursery right away and the first question was why was she jaundice and I’m thinking why did she turn purple on me they weren’t making any since.

Then they decided that they wanted to run tests on her and took her to the NICU and on the way down there she had a seizure. They got her to the NICU and ran tests the first one they did was a spinal tap and MRI, EEG and took a lot of blood. Seizures run high on my side of the family I had them as an infant, my mom had them as an adult and now Victoria as a baby.

The Dr’s put her on Phenobarbital an anti seizure medication to stop the seizures. They did a lot of tests on her and the spinal tap came back negative for spinal meningitis thank God. We finally got to go home, and she was on seizure medication because of her seizure disorder.

We went to her appointment for the neurologist when she was three months along and he wanted us to wean her off the seizure medication and she was doing fine up until the day before she was completely off and she had a seizure in fact she had two seizures that day.

From there on out she had a seizure every couple of months because she was growing and the medication wasn’t at the right level for her weight.

As she grew more and more she wasn’t reaching those baby milestones like other babies. I told her dr. that she wasn’t reaching those baby milestones like most babies her age.

He then told me to contact the Early Intervention Program for more help so I did that and they came to my home to discuss her medical issues and do someone on one therapy with her.

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