Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy In Children

Living With Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy - A Way Of Life
Living with a disability

Living With A Disability

Those Who Live With a Disability Living with a disability can frustrate both for the person with the condition and their…
Parenting Special Needs Children

Parenting Special Needs Children

When a special needs child presents all the unique needs associated with his/her situation, parents face challenges that can sometimes…
Social Model of Disability

Social Model of Disability

Disability refers to the social effects of physical or mental impairment. This definition, known as the ‘social model’ of disability,…
Scoliosis and other Disabilities

Scoliosis and other Disabilities

Angelman syndrome Is caused by the loss of the normal maternal contribution to a region of chromosome 15, most commonly…
Scoliosis Symptoms

Common Symptoms of Scoliosis

What are the Symptoms of Scoliosis The symptoms of scoliosis are: Prominent shoulder blade Uneven hip and shoulder levels. Asymmetric…
Famous people with Cerebral Palsy

Famous People With Cerebral Palsy

(CP) is an umbrella term encompassing a group of non-progressive, non-contagious diseases that cause physical disability in human development. Cerebral…
Cerebral palsy and pregnancy

Cerebral Palsy and Pregnancy

I became pregnant with Homer February 2001. My pregnancy was great in the beginning. When I was about 6 months…