Living with Cerebral Palsy Timeline


Athetoid Cerebral Palsy 1961

My CP is Athetoid, which affects the area of movement and motor skills. This can cause much involuntary and uncontrollable reactions when doing every day tasks which can make certain things exhausting and difficult to do. However, the amount of unintentional movements, varies from day to day. Some day I am very steady, and other days I am not. Also, stress and tiredness can produce more uncontrolled body activity than is usual. I find if I am having a bad day a rest can help. Tracy

Spastic Cerebral Palsy



I was diagnosed at 18 months in Germany when I took my first step.



I have Spastic CP in the form of Diplegia, which effects my lower limbs and over the years I have had many operations on my legs to enable me to walk. I walk with the aid of a wheeled frame and I use a manual wheelchair for long distances. I also take muscle relaxant medication to help relax my tight muscles.

Nathan has spastic demiplegic cp which means it effects his legs and slightly in his arms and hands. He is on no medication and gets around using a kframe to get around at school and walks a little a home getting around the furniture. His hamstrings are the tightest muscles so walks from his hips and has xrays annually. He is starting to use a laptop at school to aid with his learning as he cannot write or draw and this is on loan from the local council till he is 19 years old. He is registered incontinent aswell as has got no sensation in the toiletting area. He wears afo’s leg splints to try and reduce the toe walking bit and get his feet flat to the floor but he still manages to go on his toes. He is still unable to dress and undress his self. In other areas he is fine and determined little boy and can adapt to his environment and surroundings.

Diagnosed at 10 months Kieren has Spastic Quadriplegia which means all four limbs are affected. He attends a special school and has many regular thearapies including Physio, Hydro, Ocupational, and Music Therapy. As it affects all limbs he needs to be supported.




I was dignosed with c.p. in late 1952 from Children’s Hospital with left side hemipliga

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