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  • Technology for Disabled People

    Technology for Disabled People

    Computer Technology for Disabled People In human-computer interaction, computer accessibility (also known as Accessible computing) refers to the accessibility a computer system to all people, regardless of disability or severity of impairment. It is largely a software concern; when software, hardware, or a combination of hardware and software, is used to enable use of a computer […]

  • A Positive Attitude To Disability

    A Positive Attitude To Disability

    A positive attitude to disability BBC Scotland reporter Ian Hamilton has been travelling around Europe to investigate job opportunities for disabled people. MADRID Denmark and France were quite different for helping disabled people to work. As Preeti and I landed in Madrid after a two-hour flight from Paris, we were soon to discover that Spain […]

  • Assistive Technology for Cerebral Palsy

    Assistive Technology for Cerebral Palsy

    Using Assistive Technology Assistive technology is any device or system that helps individuals with disabilities to perform tasks that they may otherwise be unable to do. It can be used to help people with cerebral palsy (CP) with mobility, communication, and other daily activities. There are many different types of assistive technology available for people […]

  • What Is Cerebral Palsy

    What Is Cerebral Palsy

    what is cerebral palsy and how does it affect a child at birth.

  • Models of Disability

    The Medical and Social Models of Disability Introduction The medical model of disability assumes that disability is a medical issue requiring medical intervention. This assumption is based on the belief that disabilities are impairments that limit one’s ability to perform activities, such as walking or talking. These impairments can be treated and cured, thereby allowing […]