A Special Victory for a Cerebral Palsy Sufferer


A Special Victory for a Cerebral Palsy Sufferer Susan Bennett

Life takes on a new meaning for handicapped youngster Susan Bennett when she takes to the water – she has just received a special award for a feat that many abled-bodied people would be hard pressed to emulate.

Susan, eight of Surbiton Road, Hartburn, Stockton has swum herself into the record books at Summerhouse School, Norton by being the first pupil to swim 2,000 metres – nearly one and a half miles.

Her special achievement has not gone unmarked. Her school has had a special shield made for her and our picture shows it being handed over by local bobby Paul Higgins, who is planning to raise hundreds of pounds for the school with marathon running.

Susan, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, is normally confined to a wheelchair, but things are different when she gets into the swimming pool, said her headmaster, Mr David Woolley. He said:

“She is a most determined little girl in all she does. She has been at the school for three years and swimming got about two. This is a remarkable achievement, particularly for Susan with the degree of handicap she has”

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